Nanci’s Blog: Workaholism

7 November 2013

Nowadays, “workaholism” is an accepted way of living in the world. I certainly know about it and what it can do. I’ve been a workaholic my whole life, beginning as a child when I believed I had to be perfect. As I grew, I got on the “get ahead no matter what” train and to make a long story short, ended up with serious “burnout” over the past couple of years. It affected my health to the point where I couldn’t work much if at all, and I just laid on the couch staring at the ceiling, which became a revelatory meditation to help me become aware of what the workaholic pattern had done to affect my health, emotions, relationships, work, etc. I realized that it was a habit pattern I developed early in life to cover my insecurities – if I could immerse myself in “doing” I wouldn’t have to deal with “being” where my vulnerabilities might be at risk. My ceiling meditations led me through a very dark passage, very difficult, very painful and frightening. But as I’ve been emerging from it over the past year, I’ve been very grateful for what it forced me to see: that I don’t have to cover my vulnerability since I now see it as a gentle strength that compliments my other strengths. At times, I still fall into the old “have to, have to, hurry up and do it” mode but can let it go as I become aware that I’m doing it – and am able to laugh at and with myself. In my work as a spiritual psychologist, I see so many people caught in the same web of pushing themselves into lifestyles and actions that are falsehoods about who they truly are. If you’re a recovering workaholic as I am, breathe with me, look into a mirror and see your True, Beautiful Self looking back at you. Many blessings.

Nanci’s Blog: Thumper’s Wisdom

24 October 2013
My inner work lately has been to release negative mental scenarios when they intrude and have found that this maxim from Disney’s “Bambi” really helps: remember what Thumper’s mom always taught him? “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all.” So I’ve just transposed “say” to “think” and when I can’t be totally positive, I move into neutral, which gives Spirit the space to work through me. Then the thoughts that emerge from that unified field are creative, positive, and filled with Love.

Video from “Your Inner Gold” book reading/signing

6 September 2013

Here’s the video from my latest book reading/signing at Tomes in Grass Valley:

“Your Inner Gold” on radio show

2 September 2013

I invite you to listen to my recent radio interview about my book, “Your Inner Gold“, with Scott Cluthe on his show, “Positively Incorrect“. (Aug. 22, 2013)

Part I

Part II

Nanci’s Blog: Essential Operations in Transformational Alchemy

26 July 2013

The essential operations in transformational alchemy lift us from concretized belief and behavior, burn off excess ego and inaccurate and imprisoning beliefs, submerge us in the watery depths of authentic emotion until we accept our essential feeling nature, and dismember us until we surrender to our Soul’s purpose. This inner work requires courage because it’s always easier to remain unaware of our deeper aspects that seem to hover, shadow-like and terrifying, in the recesses of our minds. Many of us tend to believe that personal healing consists of “getting rid of” our problems, but that’s like trying to throw them out the door only to watch them fly back in through the window. We can’t get rid of any aspect of ourselves, especially the ego. We can only transform it.

This is a quote from my most recent book, “Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose”, available online through my website at or your local bookstore.

Nanci’s Blog: Aging & Dying

7 July 2013


Moving closer to my 70th birthday this August, I’ve been reexamining my beliefs about life and death, what my fears are, and what I want with this last part of my life as a Full Elder – or Crone. Over the past few months, I’ve moved through most of my feelings about appearance and needing to do things differently, whether more gently or expanding them. While reading Sue Monk Kidd’s book, “Traveling with Pomegranates”, some of what she says about her own feelings on aging and death were uncomfortably familiar to me. I began focusing on being in the present moment and accepting the stage of life I’m in as well as reviewing all my previous stages but now with the eyes of an Elder. But there were still those lingering concerns and fears about dying: when, how, where, how will my family respond to my passing, etc. I began to review each of those fears and saw clearly how much I was futurizing and “past-urizing” and not just being here now. A blessed shift arrived yesterday in meditation when I suddenly heard from within: “It will be what it will be.” I felt something run through my entire being like fresh water being poured into and then out of me. I felt a complete freedom from fear of aging and dying, no longer caught in the web of worry and imagining negative scenarios. I don’t know when or how I will die, but now I believe it will be perfect.

Nanci’s Blog: Judgment & Comparison

3 July 2013


Last night in our women’s healing group, we were exploring how judgment and comparison create blocks to awareness and progressive growth of the Soul. These are generally learned and are not a natural part of beingness, so we can learn to release the judging and comparing habits that cloud our perceptions of what’s real. They are fear-based and produce beliefs in duality – you’re separate from me and I’m certainly not a part of you, etc. In a consciousness of non-duality, we know we are a part of everything and everyone everywhere. Our group loves to close our circle by honoring each other with a Mayan blessing: “Inlakesh”, which means “I am another you, and you are another me.” This blessing is powerful if used regularly because it releases the sense of separation and draws us into knowing and feeling the Spirit that resides within all.

Nanci’s Blog: Fear

25 June 2013
I so appreciate Jane Beach’s contributions and inspirations. And reading her post today about fear, I’d like to add what I’ve learned about how the media contributes greatly to collective fear. Having worked with people as a spiritual psychologist for many years, I’ve learned that most of us tend to believe that our fears are our own and that we have to do deep psychological processes to overcome them. I agree that some of our fears are indeed our own, but we are all sensitive, even if we don’t know it, so are affected profoundly by the constant barrage of bad news and fear-inducing predictions by newscasters. Since I work a lot with imagery, I know its power and to watch an hour or more of negative images winding their way into our minds is not healthy! We tend to think of newspeople as authorities, when in fact, we are our own authority – as in the root word, “author” – we are the authors of our own lives by our thinking, beliefs, and attitudes. And no newscaster has any authority or power over that unless we give it to them. Maybe we can think about where we got that idea that they know more than we do – maybe it came from our early training to mind our elders, who may give us wise counsel or may just be parroting what the collective consciousness has accepted as truth, rather than Truth. From higher, spiritual levels, we can resource the Truth and sense the underlying reasons the nightly news presents what it does – and then we can gently laugh, bless them all, and let it go. I, for one, stopped watching and listening to news years ago and it’s very interesting how I still know what’s going on but it doesn’t dig its way into me as fear.

Nanci’s Blog: Creating Our Realities

17 June 2013
As I was meditating this a.m., I became aware that we not only create our personal realities by our beliefs, thinking, and attitudes, but we create our own perceptions of the entire multiverse. When I was young, I would lie in bed and imagine that I was creating everything and everyone in my experience. As a teen, I discovered Emmanuel Kant’s theory of solipsistic reality that I believed confirmed my childhood imaginings. But as I’ve moved into Elderhood, I now believe it’s all possible. From a mystical standpoint, we actually do create our own realities, personal and multiversal, but the key is to stay centered in the heart where we know all is real on multiple levels. So, as the Mayan greeting (“Inlakesh”) says, “You are another me, and I am another you.” Many blessings as you journey on your day.

Nanci’s Blog: Fathers

16 June 2013
On this celebration of fatherhood, I give thanks to my dad, who crossed over in 1987 but still comes to me to assist in various ways, especially with my writing – go figure – he was an aeronautical engineer but very much into space and its potentials (helped to design the space shuttle). He used to have a recurring dream where he was navigating a flyer saucer by passing his hands over crystals! I also give thanks to my “wasband” (former husband) for having been my friend since 9th grade and being a father to our two daughters. When I consider the cosmic significance of fathers and mothers, and the task of balancing our inner masculine and feminine, I’m moved to looking at how we manifest as Spirit on Earth, no matter what gender, with the task of doing it consciously. What a gift we have in Life!
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